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Humpback whales are gathering in big numbers — and people have no idea why

  • Humpback whales are up to something weird and even scientists aren’t sure what to make of it.
  • According to Popular Science, the whales have recently taken to organizing in pods ranging in size from 20 to 200 off the South African coast, and it’s raising concerns for a few reasons.
  • The first being that humpback whales shouldn’t be swimming in that region to begin with. While humpback whales typically migrate to tropical waters for mating season, this time of year they should be feeding near Antartica, not lazing near South Africa.
  • What’s more, humpback whales are typically of the “no new friends” ethos, preferring solitude or, at the least, small groups.
  • Once upon a time, scientists referred to groups of whales of 10 or 20 as “large,” which is why a gathering 10 times that size has sent up some red flags. There are some theories though. Read more (3/16/17 8:11 AM)

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They are protesting.

They’re probably sharing resource information, tbh

The aliens are calling, I know it. I’ve seen Star Trek IV.

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